Serial Underground
"the subversive nightclub series" (Time Out NY)

Sunday, November 7, 6:00 pm
(doors open at 5:45)

Jed Distler, host
@ The Cornelia Street Café
29 Cornelia Street bet. (6th and 7th Ave.), NYC (map)

ANA Milosavljevic ANA Milosavljevic, composer/violinist
with guest pianist Kathleen Supové
ANA Milosavljevic: Reflections (2009) & Untitled (2008)
Aleksandra Vrebalov: The Spell III (2008)
Eve Beglarian: I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long (2010)

watch ANA play "Reflections" here

Katheen Supove


Bodies ElectricArnold Barkus & Nancy Castle
in a new play by Arnold Barkus
"When You Awake You Will Remember Everything"

watch a scene from Arnold's 1997 feature French comedy film here



ANA Milosavljevic Jed Distler & Ed Schmidt
present a New(ish) Work

watch Ed on Serial Underground here

Katheen Supove




doors open at 5:45PM
$10 general admission
+ food / one drink minimum
Cash only
reservations: 212-989-9319

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The creative and dynamic composer/violinist Ana Milosavljevic, known simply to her friends and fans as “ANA,” plans to launch her new cd Reflections with a mini-tour that includes performances in New York City and Belgrade. Her new CD Reflections was just released October 26th on the Innova label, and can be purchased here. ANA comments, “'Reflections' represents my dual musical citizenship through the sonic experiences of my native Serbia and my current hometown, New York. Each work results from collaborations with dance and visual artists, composers, performers, and technicians who’ve made similar journeys. The CD title refers to both the mental act of reflection — of contemplation, meditation, self-discovery — and the physical act of reflection, what you reflect out to the world after having taken it in. Through this music, I aim to reflect and to share thrilling and unforgettable moments of love, happiness, sadness, regrets and no-regrets, hope, peace, harmony, and gratitude, and, most importantly, how I came to find my home in my heart.”

Kathleen Supové is one of America's most acclaimed interpreters of contemporary music for piano and keyboards. Her ongoing enterprise is called "The Exploding Piano", through which she has premiered at least 75 works by emerging and established composers. In August, 2010, she was the subject of a feature article in The Wall Street Journal by Barbara Jepson. Her most recent CD, "The Exploding Piano", is on the Major Who label and features works by Missy Mazzoli, Michael Gatonska, Anna Clyne, Dan Becker, and Randall Woolf. For more info on Ms. Supové's activities, visit here.

About "When You Awake You Will Remember Everything," Arnold Barkus writes "An actor puts himself in an altered state where he is both himself and other to himself, just as we all do when we are sleeping and dreaming. Film directors declare “Action!” before every take, which is just a quick way of saying: “You are under my spell, now!” In this play, acting as a form of suggestion or autosuggestion underlies all action. The premise is based on filmmaker John Huston’s lifelong fascination with hypnotism dating from his experience shooting a documentary about traumatized soldiers. In 1961, Huston invited actor Montgomery Clift to Ireland to discuss his playing the role of the young Sigmund Freud in a film for which he had commissioned Jean-Paul Sartre to write the script. Huston also hired a mysterious hypnotherapist by the name of Dr. Black to presumably give Monty a better understanding of the groundbreaking research the young Freud had been doing with hypnosis at the turn of the century in Vienna. But what if Dr. Black was more than a research consultant? What if he was actually hired to hypnotize Huston’s actors? In this premiere reading of excerpts from the play, Nancy Castle will play Cecilie, a fictionalized patient of the young Sigmund Freud, as well as the actress employed to portray her in John Huston’s film. And I will play the megalomaniacal Dr. Black, the hypnotherapist employed to “coach” Huston’s actors.

Lastly, Jed Distler and Ed Schmidt serve up something short, sweet and hopefully funny. Enjoy the show!